Hema Malladi, Google, Aspen Technology, Osmania University RESUME. IS IT REAL OR FAKE?

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Hema Malladi, Google, Aspen Technology, Osmania University RESUME. IS IT REAL OR FAKE?

Hema Malladi is apply for jobs so I just want to find out if she's real of fake.

I find it odd that someone with with an MBA from a third rate Indian university, Osmania University, worked at "Google Online Pvt Ltd" for 6 years then left to work for Aspen Technology (a company with a very bad reputation; Google search).

Here are my questions.

1. What is "Google Online Pvt Ltd"? Is it the same as Google?

2. Why did Hema Malladi leave "Google Online Pvt Ltd" to join Aspen Technology, a company with documented corrupted and illegal practices (Google search)?

3. Why Hema Malladi fired for incompetence? Was Hema Malladi involved in illegal activities?

4. Did Hema Malladi actually go to Osmania University? No start date or end date in given in her resume.

Here is Hema Malladi from uk.linkedin.com/in/hemamalladi


Aspen Technology - Staffing Professional, Reading, UK - August 2012 – Present (4 months)

Google - Recruitment Specialist - 2004 – November 2010 (6 years)


MBA, Human Resources at Osmania University (NO START DATE OR END DATE IS GIVEN)


- Talent sourcing strategist with 6 years of extensive recruiting experience at Google Inc., specializing in Leadership Hiring.

- Adept at developing and delivering end to end recruiting solutions

- Experienced in hiring for a variety roles

- Proficient in web based sourcing and recruiting.

- Managed a team of 5 recruiters involved in hiring for various sales and support functions.

Recommendations For Hema Malladi

"Hema was a detail-oriented, energetic and enjoyable person to work with. She was always looking forward to taking on the next challenge." September 5, 2007

Drake Jakovac., International Recruiting Coordinator, Google, Inc.

worked directly with Hema at Google Online Pvt Ltd

Review about: Job Application.

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